How does one review one of the greatest hostel experiences ever?


Period of stay: August/September 2011 | Length of stay: more than 1 week | Country: USA

Starting with the basics, hostel was exceptionally clean. The beds were a good size, there is plenty of open space in a 6 bed room and I never felt crowded. Lockers are available for each bed. Lockers can easily store a large sized backpack. Bathrooms on each floor with a 3 shower male and separate female shower room. So I never had to wait to use a shower or bathroom. The hostel was well located. Close to a few bars and restaurants and only a 5 min walk to the city center and the nearest bus stop that will take you anywhere you need to go. Free coffee and cold breakfast are offered in the morning. There is a refrigerator at reception with drinks and beer available 24 hours for a measly $1.

The keystone to any hostel experience is the people who run it and I've never run into a greater group of people than the staff of Kismet Dao. I sat and watched for a week as the same questions were asked by newcomers and not once did I see the staff give an exasperated sigh at having to answer yet again where Bran castle was. Each time it was a friendly and enthusiastic response. I also had the benefit of being there for Kismet Dao's 10 year anniversary BBQ. There the staff and the people staying in the hostel sat together to share a meal and drinks to celebrate. This was done without cost to the people because Kismet Dao wanted to thank everyone who made 10 years possible. Staff and customers alike!

As far as I'm concerned there is only ONE place to stay in Brasov and that is Kismet Dao. If you find yourself somewhere else, leave and head to the place where you will have a great time! I will be returning when I can and I'll bring the vodka!

--Brian Greenberg

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