Romanian customs regulations are in line with those of the European Union. A traveler can enter and leave Romania with up to 10,000 Euros in cash, money order or traveler's checks. Amounts equal to or over 10,000 Euros have to be declared at customs.

Upon arrival and departure from an EU country

Once Romania joined the European Union, the customs territory of Romania became part of the customs territory of the EU, hence for the goods subject to intra-community trade between member states and Romania no customs control and formalities are necessary, with exception to cultural, historical or artistic objects.

Travelers may introduce in the country the following goods purchased within the European Union, which are for personal use only:

  • tobacco products, for passengers aged 17 years of age and older: 800 cigarettes, 400 cigarillos (max. 3g each), 200 cigars, 1 kg tobacco;
  • alcoholic beverages, for passengers aged 17 years of age and older: 10 liters of spirits over 22% and ethyl alcohol, 20 liters of alcoholic beverages less than 22%, 90 liters of wine (though no more than 60 liters of sparkling wine), 110 liters of beer.

Upon arrival and departure from a non-EU country

Tourists are obliged to declare, orally or in writing, the goods they take in or out of the country and to produce them to the customs office for control. Upon request, the customs office shall hand tourists customs declarations for travelers, free of charge.

Written declaration is required in any circumstances for such goods as:

  • arms and ammunition, explosives, radioactive and nuclear substances, as well as items for which the law mandates control of the final destination;
  • narcotic and psychotropic products and substances, essential chemical substances and toxins;
  • precious metal objects with precious stones or not which exceed the personal use;
  • cultural, historical or artistic objects taken out of the country. Natural persons may declare in writing, upon arrival, the cultural, historical or artistic objects in their possession so that they will not need approval for those objects when leaving the country.

Travelers and natural persons may introduce into the country, as accompanied* or non-accompanied** luggage, duty free, the following goods:

  • personal goods and medicines normally needed for the duration of the journey;
  • personal-use jewellery***;
  • books, publications, any type or recordings, slides and the like, necessary for personal use;
  • the goods obtained as prizes or decorations in official events;
  • alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, cigars and tobacco in the following quantities: 1 liter of alcoholic drinks over 22% or 2 liters of alcoholic drinks less than 22%, 4 liters of still wine, 16 liters of beer, 40 pcs cigarettes, 100 pcs cigarillos, 50 pcs cigars and 250 g of tobacco for the use of the persons over 17 years of age. For these goods, the ceiling shall apply to a single border crossing (both ways) within a month. For the following crossings within a month, the value ceiling is cut down to half the initial value.
  • other goods of any kind up to the total value ceiling representing the equivalent in RON of 430 Euros (by air or sea) or 300 Euros (all other ways of traveling).

Besides the goods mentioned above, non-commercial goods may be introduced into the country, in accompanied or non-accompanied luggage up to a ceiling equal to the equivalent in RON of 700 Euro, with payment of 2,5% flat rate customs duties.

The following statements mean:

*accompanied luggage: the goods a person takes with him or her in the same means of transport or that accompany him or her in the same means of transport;

**non-accompanied luggage: the goods dispatched and registered in the same transport documents;

***personal use jewellery: precious metal objects with or without precious stones, such as:

  • for persons over 16 years of age: 1 golden wedding ring and 1 silver wedding ring, 2 rings, 1 watch with or without bracelet, 2 pendants with chain, 2 pairs of earrings, 2 bracelets, 1 scarf pin, 2 pairs of handcuffs, 1 brooch, 1 necklace, 1 pencil - fountain pen set, 2 pairs of glasses;
  • for persons under the age of 16: 1 ring, 1 watch with or without bracelet, 1 pendant with chain, 1 pair of earrings, 1 bracelet;
  • for persons who cross the frontier more than once a month (both ways): 1 wedding ring, 1 ring, 1 watch with or without bracelet, 1 pendant with chain, 1 pair of earrings, 1 bracelet.

Duty free

The following goods may be introduced into the country:

  • art objects, collection items, antiques;
  • prostheses, instruments, apparatus, wheel chairs and tricycles, powered or not, spare parts thereof included, for the use of sick or handicapped persons, with authorizations from health care institutions;
  • the goods introduced into the country that are returned because not admitted at the destination;
  • the goods introduced into the country in order to be repaired or replaced during the guarantee period;
  • the movables that are the object of an inheritance, obtained by a succession opened in Romania or abroad.

Travelers with residence abroad

Travelers with residence abroad may introduce temporarily into the country, without guarantee of the import duties and without customs formalities, the following goods:

  • one video camera and two video cassettes;
  • two photo cameras and 24 cassettes or 10 film rolls for each camera;
  • one pair of binoculars;
  • one portable radio-receiver and one portable TV set;
  • one portable cassette recorder;
  • one perambulator;
  • one tent and other camping outfit, as well as other ordinary sports items, including a boat;
  • two hunting guns with 100 cartridges each, under the terms provided by the regulations concerning the firing arms and ammunition regime;
  • one bicycle, with or without motor, and one portable typewriter.

When there is suspicion that the goods are not introduced for personal use, the customs authority may request the guarantee of the payment of the import duties, customs duties, VAT, excise taxes or to give to the holders the customs declarations that shall further be mentioned in the travel documents.


Cats and dogs need a combined Health and Rabies Inoculation Certificate (legalised by a Veterinary Service in the country of origin), issued at least 1 month but not more than 12 months (for cats 6 months) before transportation.

For further information, refer to the official website of the National Customs Authority of Romania.

National currency

National currency is the New Romanian Leu (RON). For various transactions and money exchange, we recommend you to contact only authorized institutions, such as the exchange offices or the bank offices. Never change money in the street, nor believe anyone with a "story".

For further details, refer to the official website of the National Bank of Romania.

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