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I am writing a review because after arriving and chatting with other hostelers, we all commented that we read the reviews, but all admitted that we never write any! I am in Romania not on some long backpacking adventure, but just a week break to renew my visa from where I live in the middle east. the hostel I plan to stay in bucharest was full the first night I was going to stay, so I researched coming to Brasov. this hostel had good reviews on several different websites and seemed closest to walking to the city and buses, so I picked it, emailed back and forth a few times, everyine was super helpful! I had asked about taking the bus direct from Bucharest airport and they called the company to get details for me. in the end, I took the train since they mentioned the roads might be bad from the snow. train from bucharest was easy and not too ling, just 2.5hrs (2nd class ticket was 47lei)...it was easy to go by bus to the north train station, you just buy a roundtrip express ticket outside the terminal and hop on and hope someone on the bus assists in getting the ticket validated :) . upon arrival to brasov, I found onenof the reputable taxis everyone inline tells you about and it ended up costing 6 lei and change.

check in was easy, got my drink tickets and was shown to my room. the hostel is very clean, the lady who cleans is a hard worker and she sweeps and mops every day! that is for sure not the case at many hostels! she also changes the sheets so they are clean for the next folks, which I also know isnt the case at many hostels. the layout is such that you dont hang out or pass by reception when you come and go...so you feel I guess more independent. the staff are very helpful and have maps and tell you where to go, what buses to take, etc.

breafast is simple cereal and milk...so I bought some plain yogurt from the grocery for my second morning to have with the muesli since I dont like milk. cofee and tea are indeed available all day, kitchen is clean and you can use frig, microwave, stove. proximity to town/buses is ideal, even in this cold winter weather, you dont feel you are having to walk far....something I had been concerned about with the locations of the other hostels I read about.

basically, in a scale of 10, I'd rate this hostel 8/10. (probably being breakfast and no hot tub being the improvements haha) (I stayed at an awesome hostel in selcuk turkey that had a massive garden pool and breakfast and dinner and just basically awesome place.., so have to leave room at the 9 and 10 slot for places like that!)

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Starting with the basics, hostel was exceptionally clean. The beds were a good size, there is plenty of open space in a 6 bed room and I never felt crowded. Lockers are available for each bed. Lockers can easily store a large sized backpack. Bathrooms on each floor with a 3 shower male and separate female shower room. So I never had to wait to use a shower or bathroom. The hostel was well located.