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Nowadays, anyone with internet connection and basic Google search skills (not that it's not intuitive enough) can make one's own travel guide by perusing information published by the people employed in the tourism industry or by following practical advices provided by people who've already done it, both tourists and locals. But why do all the research yourself when others can do it for you, thus saving you time and money (time is money!)? All you have to do is get the right guide and enjoy your trip!

"Brasov In Your Pocket" mini-guide published by In Your Pocket Romania provides a compact directory of the city's essentials: how to get there (arrival & local transportation), what to see (must-see tourist attractions & museums), where to stay (hotels, pensions and of course, hostels, including yours truly), where to eat & drink (restaurants & cafes; pubs, bars & clubs), what to do if you like active travel & sports. The mini-guide also provides quick tips on sightseeing around Brasov and how to get to the Poiana Brasov ski resort. Most of this stuff is also pinpointed on the map provided inside and what's best: you can download it in a printable format (PDF) for FREE! You can also buy a hard copy of the "Brasov in Your Pocket" mini-guide at reception.

The first In Your Pocket city guide, Vilnius In Your Pocket was written in late 1991 by German journalist Matthias Lüfkens and Belgian brothers George, Oliver and Nicolas Ortiz in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since then the four founders have franchised the In Your Pocket guides, which cover key tourist cities as well as obscure off-beat destinations, becoming today Europe's leading provider of urban information, supplying locally produced, practical information for over seventy cities all over the region available online, in print and on the iPhone.

IYP Romania also publishes a full guide for Bucharest and a mini-guide for Sibiu. All guides from A to Z (Amsterdam to Zurich) can be downloaded at the In Your Pocket Travel Portal.

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